Precise wheel alignment drastically helps to increase the life-span of your tyres.

Callow Car Care are one of only a handful of garages offering 4-Wheel Alignment, which is vital to get the most out of your 4×4 vehicle. ¬†Amongst the many benefits for your vehicle are:

Reduction in Tyre Wear
A major cause of premature tyre wear is improper alignment. A properly aligned vehicle can add 1000s of miles to the tyre life of your 4×4.

Increased Fuel Mileage
As your rolling resistance decreases, your fuel mileage increases. Callow’s total alignment sets all four wheels parallel, which together with proper inflation will minimise your rolling resistance.

Improved Handling
If your car pulls to one side whilst travelling, or if your steering wheel vibrates, then these issues can be corrected by our 4×4 wheel alignment. ¬†With all your system components aligned properly, road shock is better absorbed to give you a smoother journey.

Safer Driving
A suspension system inspection is carried out, as part of our alignment procedure. This inspection warns us of any worn spots which can save you a lot of money if spotted early enough.

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